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Have you ever thought about making something out of your old favourite cashmere jumper?

In this 5 hour course we started from a cashmere jumper and turned it into a pair of cosy warm and comfortable long johns/leggings.

I had previously made myself a pair to keep warm on my bike in the winter and when showing them off was asked to do a workshop and demonstrate how this was possible. So this was an experiment.... It went very well, although quite tricky and unknowing if we would get the outcone we wanted.

I had made an initial pattern although was more like a guide and took each person aside to cut out the pattern individually while the others were learning how to do a particular seam that we were going to implement. It was all go, and a little hit and miss at times but I felt confident that we could all achieve this outcome. We had such a fun day, tea/coffee, lunch and cake to keep everyone going, and lots of banter.

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