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Trouser making workshop

This 2 day trouser weekend workshop last week went really well, though very intensive. Starting the day cutting the pattern to make the desired leg shape. Cutting out fabric and start sewing a double welt pocket on the rear of the trousers. Lunch was served....spicy mexican soup and then straight into the button fly and using contrasting fabric for trim and pockets. Afternoon tea was served after the arrival of some delicious cakes from local baker @littlecrumbfalmouth finishing the day with side pockets..... phew what a busy day we had.

Sunday morning everyone cut some bias binding using a simple folding technique and a rotary cutter on a cutting board.

The whole idea about the trousers was to be able to sew them on a standard sewing machine but still have tidy edges that don’t fray when washed.

So front and back crotch seams were binded and then to follow were the side seam. It was fairly straight forward but very fiddly and took a lot of patience. But everyone got it though it took time. Finally sewing the trousers together using

a flat fell seam on the inside and and sewing the side seams together and the trousers were taking shape.

If anyone would like to do the trouser making course they’re will be one held in July.

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